Friday, February 28, 2014

Any other business

Just a bit of housekeeping...

First of all, the blog has reached a couple of milestones: over 8 million hits and  our 250th follower. A big thank you to all the followers and everyone who has taken the time to view the site.

Secondly, you'll notice that my fakes never go to the lengths of including tattoos on figures like Zayn Malik and Justin Bieber. This is for a number of reasons, not least my lack of ability and not being a fan of tattoos. For me, fakes are fantasy, and that means the manipulations are just that, manipulations.

Finally, and sorry to finish on a negative note, to all those people, who leave messages like "Fake!", "This is fake!" etc, please read the opening blurb. To those who leave abusive messages, please bear in mind, they're all filtered and will never see the light of day. Please crawl back under the rock whence you came.

To everyone else thanks for the support.

All the best,

1 comment:

  1. I'm so glad that you don't like tattoos; so many base photos seem to have them. Anyone stupid enough to look at this site and then complain it's full of fakes must be an idiot. I'm glad you have so many fans - what a pity that not many comment on the pictures. I try to comment on one set of a batch; if I'm not particularly attracted to the model, I'll be complimentary about the technical quality.